Recruitment improver

Improve your recruitment structurally

As a consultant Bas van de Haterd helpt organisator recruit better. As a recruitment improver he doesn’t recruit himself and doesn’t do short term fixes. He helps organisations fundamentally improve their recruitment. His consulting is always data and analytics driven, combined with years or experience with different clients.

Some of his consulting jobs of the past few years:

  • Careers website consultant at a staffing firm
  • Careers website consultant at a hospital
  • Project lead recruitment website at a recruitment agency
  • Consultant guerilla campaign at a health care organisation
  • Strategic recruitment advisor at a university
  • Consultant technological improvements HR processes at a ministry
  • Consultant digital assessment tooling at a ministery
  • Operational recruitment improvements at SME company
  • Strategic consultant at recruitment start-up
  • Marketing consultant at recruitment start-up


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