Eyes Are the Window to Your Character

Recently a new piece of scientific evidence came out that might help micro-expressions to move to the next level. It turns out eye movement during normal, routine tasks can tell four out of five of the Big Five personality traits. This might become a really important thing in assessments. Read the entire article on ERE.

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How to use a conversational interface

The conversational interface is coming, and it’s coming fast. Conversational interfaces are chatbots and voice assistants. Just like with mobile back in 2010, we don’t know exactly what will happen and how it will look. We do know this is the new way to communicate and you need to be ready for it. Read the […]

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Don’t embed your bias in your algorithm

AI, algorithms, and machine learning are the buzzwords in recruitment at the moment. Although many don’t really know what they entail, everybody wants them. But because of a lack of understanding the true nature of what we are building and how we are building it, this is a very dangerous time. We are currently building […]

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