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Recruitment bias cards

In cooperation with Dirk Hülsberg, creative digital designer, I made a map of many potential recruitment biasses. What's the Bias and how can it play out in recruitment. We all have biasses. To be human is to be biassed. There is nothing wrong with that. It's just that if we are unaware of them, we [...]
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DNA based assessments

Assessments based on your genes. Scary? Hell year. The future: probably. Much of what we are is in our genes. And if we can predict with 80% certainty the number of years of education someone will have, we might be able to identify talent where we never saw it before. Major potential, extreme risks. I […]

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Diversity matters

You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s the essence of why diversity is important. I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman. Or a black person. I don’t know how else I’d be treated. Just like most of you don’t know what it was like to be the fat kid. I realise, […]

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Exclusion by design in job advertising

Are we excluding people from minority groups by the way we advertise? By the photo’s used in ads? Will all the good intentions that the US senate demanded from Facebook by not allowing job ads to be targeted at either age or gender, they might actually be excluding more people than including them. Read my […]

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Could we hire 2 personalities for the price of 1?

We need an organisational fit. The personality needs to fit, right? But what if someone has more than one personality? And I’m not talking about schizophrenic people, I’m talking about dual lingual people. There is evidence, although light, to suggest that someone actually changes personality based on their thinking language. I’ve written about the upside, […]

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Modern assessment tooling

The topic I love talking about most. All the ways we can actually recognise talent and potential. Genuine skills. Unbiassed recruitment. So I wrote a summary about all the tools out there. You can read it here. 

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