Bas van de Haterd


As a speaker Bas matches technological development with social-economic trends and turns this into impact on organisations or sectors. In his own passionate style he speaks about the changing labour market and the way Recruitment and HR should use technology to adapt to these changes. Outside of his homecountry of the Netherlands he has been a keynote speaker in India, Germany, Belgium and England.


Bas consults for different organisations on improving their recruitment. He will not recruit for you himself, he will help your organisation improve it's practices. He does this by either optimising existing tooling or using new technology. Depending on the task at hand he wil focus on improving either sourcing, advertising or selection activities. He also consults with start-ups about their products or markets.


Bas has written several management books on the world of work in Dutch. Most recent publications are 'the societal impact of self driving cars', '10 jobs that will disappear and 10 jobs that will appear' and 'Revolution of Work'. He is considered to be a best selling auther in the Dutch market. One of his books has been translated in English. This book, Revolution of work is available on Amazon Kindle.


Interested? Contact Bas van de Haterd via or +(31) 6 – 14 30 14 35